Invited Speakers

Samson ABRAMSKY (Categorial Foundations of Computer Science and Physics), Oxford University

Relational Hidden Variables and Non-Locality

Arturo CARSETTI (Philosophy of Science), University of Rome "Tor Vergata"

The Emergence of Meaning at the Co-evolutive Level: An Epistemological Approach

John CASE (Learning Theory), University of Delaware

Algorithmic Scientific Inference: Within Our Computable Expected Reality

Gilles DOWEK (CT Thesis), École Polytechnique

The Physical Church Thesis as an Explanation of the Galileo Thesis

Sonja SMETS (Quantum Logic), University of  Groningen

Quantum Logics

Salvador VENEGAS-ANDRACA (Quantum computation), Tecnológico de Monterrey

Adiabatic Quantum Computation and NP-completeness: Quantum Algorithms and Massive Simulation in Classical Computer Clouds