3rd International Workshop on Physics and Computation, P&C  2010
Egypt , August 30 -- September 4 , cruise downstream and upstream the Nile, from Luxor (through Aswan) to Luxor.

Arrival and departure airports: Luxor or Cairo. There are international flights that arrive directly at Luxor airport or with a transit in Cairo airport.

Registration fees: $1000 USD ($500 USD for an accompanying person, and $300 USD for a kid in a cabin for three). Includes one (hotel) room (on board) / cabin for the 7 nights, the meals (but not drinks), and coffee-breaks or afternoon tea for the 8 days cruise on the Nile. The optional sightseeing package (not included in the registration fee) costs $170 USD per person (includes entrance tickets into the monuments, bus transportation, and guides).

The prices may be reduced as a function of the number of participants.

The cruise company provides a shuttle transfer (not included in the registration fee) between the Luxor airport and the cruise: the one-way transfer costs $23 USD per person, and $12 USD per person for two or more persons.

The shuttle transfer can be arranged any time during the days August 30 and September 6. Since we exclusively have the whole cruise we can control its departure time.

The value of $210 USD per participant and $200 per accompanying person (excluding kids) should be payed before February 19.

Available on board are the following cabins:

Internet access is also available on the shipboard. At the reception of the cruise it is possible to purchase cards that can be used to access the Internet at the cost of: $4 USD per 30 minutes, $12 USD per hour, and $35 USD per day.